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VIDEO: Ruth Pointer on her life and her new memoir "Still So Excited!: My Life As A Pointer Sister" (full promo vid)

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Ruth's Introduction from "Still So Excited!: My Life As A Pointer Sister"

Ruth's Memoir "Still So Excited!: My Life As A Pointer Sister" - Release date: February 1, 2016

Below is Ruth's Introduction.. Some short excerpts from the book will be posted here in the coming weeks!

still so excited small image



          There are just some things you should never have to tell your children.

I’ve always tried to shield my kids from my past. I knew from the beginning of this book project that I could be opening up a Pandora’s Box. But the kids are grown. I feel my husband and I have given them enough life tools to face any ridicule that may come from making the more private parts of my life public. Not only are they old enough to understand a few things, they are old enough to forgive. Still, opening myself up to the scrutiny of the world opens them up to having to deal with the onslaught of old—and some not so old—and painful wounds.
The world has known me as part of The Pointer Sisters for over half my life. And that’s been a very public life for the most part. But when it comes down to brass tacks, there are certain truths we must all face about ourselves, and sometimes you don't always like what you see when looking into the mirror. In my case, there were a lot of things I didn't like in that reflection. I would like to say that I saw a stranger, but what I saw was the true reflection of who I was. An alcoholic, a drug addicted woman who thought more about getting high than her family. I was a torn soul and I didn’t like it. But I couldn’t do anything to set things right. At least that is what I allowed myself to believe. But the beautiful thing about being broken is that it allows you to pick up the pieces of your life, if that's the route you want to go. And I did so want to journey along the path of sobriety. I just didn’t know how to fit the pieces of the puzzle that was me together. So I lived with the beautiful lies I told myself. They were so much more palpable than the ugly truth.
Self-deception binds you to a spider web of excuses; it chokes your humanity right out of your soul. I had children I had to raise and here I was waiting for God to slap me in the face and chastise me for my failures. The truth was I didn’t feel a real kinship with God. I was never going to be perfect and I knew that from the time I was a child in my parents’ church. I had no sense of God’s mercy or his love. I had no clue that His grace would set me free. And God knows that I had been searching for that freedom since I could walk.
There was a certain slavery, a vicious poverty in my unrequited journey toward accepting the truth about myself. It’s been a long path of muddy self-indulgence: cocaine, alcohol, food, and sex. God felt distant. I was lost, but angry. I was bound by the notion that my lifestyle wasn’t hurting anyone, yet deep inside I knew that if I didn’t straighten myself out soon that I would die, leaving my kids without a mom.
Sometimes you need silence in order to listen to God whisper to you … and he’s been whispering to me a lot lately. I think he’s been telling me it’s time.
This year I celebrate my third decade of sobriety. It wasn’t an easy adjustment and it took a near death experience to get my undivided attention. But I have been faithful. I have been diligent. And it has taken years for my life to settle down. I do not take my sobriety for granted. After all, it is a gift from God. 
I have shared my story with my 12-step groups (you read that correctly – it is plural), and others who have needed guidance but never with the public. God’s timing is always perfect and I had to wait for my cue.
So, let the music begin.
Ruth Pointer
-April 2015

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Ruth Pointer's autobiography "Still So Excited!: My Life As A Pointer Sister" - Hardcover release date: February 1, 2016 Triumph Books

ruth book 2On February 1, 2016 "Still So Excited!: My Life As A Pointer Sister" by Ruth Pointer with Marshall Terrill will be released by Triumph Books.
Ruth's autobiography is an engaging, funny, heartbreaking, and poignant look at her roller-coaster life in and out of The Pointer Sisters.
NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER at Amazon and all major book retailers.
You can follow Ruth on Twitter at @RealRuthPointer.

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The Pointer Sisters - We've Got The Power 12" and Evil re-mastered on Groove Line Records

Groove Line Records' latest half-speed mastered 12" is out today! The Pointer Sisters - We've Got The Power / Evil. 
THIS is not just any reissue...It's from the original tapes and half speed mastered, which gives you a very high quality sound. It's VERY limited at 500 copies and comes in a great picture sleeve.
ps 2015 remast

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Q & A Part 2 with Anita Pointer

Watch this video of Anita answering questions from fans on social media! You can find Anita on Facebook and her Twitter handle is @AnitaPointer.

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Q&A with Anita Pointer

Watch this video of Anita answering questions from fans on social media! You can find Anita on Facebook and her Twitter handle is @AnitaPointer.

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Pointer Sisters bring the excitement to Billings Clinic Classic

8/29/15 BILLINGS GAZETTE: Pointer Sisters bring the excitement to Billings Classic.
"Dozens of audience members stood up to shimmy as soon as they heard the opening chords of The Pointer Sisters' hit song "He's So Shy". Some never sat back down". Read full article HERE, with photos! 

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Collectors Weekly Interviews Anita Pointer.

anitapointer collectiblesdisplay 2

Anita Pointer: Civil-Rights Activist, Pop Star, and Serious Collector of Black Memorabilia. Read the article here!

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Elvis Presley's last album "Today", featuring the Pointer-penned "Fairytale" reissued

elvis presley today frontElvis Presley's last album "Today" has been reissued. It includes a cover of The Pointer Sisters' hit "Fairytale", written by Anita Pointer and Bonnie Pointer. The reissue includes take 1, 2 and the final version. Elvis loved the song so much, he called it "the story of my life". After recording it, he included it in all of his live shows. 

Due to the success of the song, The Pointer Sisters won their first Grammy award for Best Duo or Group in 1975. Anita and Bonnie were also nominated for songwriters of the year. 

The group was also invited to perform the song at the Grande Ole Opry, making The Pointer Sisters the first black female group to ever perform at the Opry.

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Article & Audio with Ruth Pointer: Keith Lockhart celebrates 20 Years with the Boston Pops!

1995On July 4, 1995 The Pointer Sisters performed with the Boston Pops, with Keith Lockhart as conductor. The performance was televised nationally and the broadcast won a Cable Ace Award. Five song set: "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy", "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree", "I'm So Excited", "Neutron Dance" and "Jump (for my love)." Happy 4th and Happy 20th Anniversary to Keith Lockhart! In this article Ruth recalls meeting Keith for the first time. 

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Soul deep with natural-born singer Ruth Pointer

June 20, 2015: Soul deep with natural-born singer Ruth Pointer

PS 4.4.15 299 3"I listen to all kinds of music, but my favorite is gospel. I have SiriusXM satellite radio in my car and listen to the gospel-praise station (Kirk Franklin is on constant rotation) and Soul Town, which plays classic soul / R&B songs."--Ruth Pointer. photo credit: Joe Spisak


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June 2, 2015: Ruth sits down with Scott Ross on the Christian Broadcasting Network to discuss her story in "Rock and a Heart Place".

The recent release of the book "Rock and a Heart Place" features a chapter on Ruth Pointer. The book is your backstage pass to never-before-heard secrets, stories, and testimonies from some of rock music's greatest legends. 

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Live Wire - Bold Soul Sisters: A Revolution of Sound & Style

March 2015: RUTH POINTER will take part in Live Wire, Bold Soul Sisters: A Revolution of Sound & Style. An intereview and audience Q & A session at The Apollo.

Live Wire
Bold Soul Sisters: A Revolution of Sound & Style
Thursday, March 26 at 6:30PM

Riding the waves of an evolving Feminist movement and the sexual revolution, the “girl groups” of the 1960’s gave way to a more progressive look and sound for female singers in the 1970’s. Groups like Labelle, The Pointer Sisters, First Choice, and Sister Sledge took R&B, jazz, soul and even country music to a new level. Music journalist and essayist Christian John Wikane interviews four women who helped power these groups to the pinnacle of the 1970’s popular music scene: Rochelle Fleming, Nona Hendryx, Ruth Pointer, and Kathy Sledge.

Live Wire Discussions invite deeper engagement with the Apollo’s artistic programming. Live Wire discussions are recorded and podcasts created in order to extend the audience reached through these events and for inclusion in the Theater’s archives.

Location: Apollo Mainstage


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Blues Walk of Fame unveiled in West Oakland where the blues scene sparkled

March 2015: OAKLAND: The Bay Area Blues Society and city dignitaries unveiled a Walk of Fame that commemorates the blues, gospel and jazz artists who graced the long shuttered clubs along 7th Street. The Seventh Street sidewalk in front of the West Oakland BART Station features 88 plaques of honorees including Aretha Franklin, Ike and Tina Turner and The Pointer Sisters.

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The hit TV show GLEE will include a performance of "I'm So Excited"

February 2015: The hit TV show GLEE will include a performance of "I'm So Excited" in episode 8 of their final season.
The episode will air on Wednesday, 2/20/15. Episode Promo

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A Lesson in History

anita aarp

February 2015: In the February/March issue of AARP Magazine, Anita Pointer is interviewed about her extensive collection of Black Memorabilia. You can read thearticle online here. The online magazine also features an accompanying video.

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ANITA POINTER's solo album "Love For What It Is" (1987 RCA) re-released.

September 2014: ANITA POINTER's solo album "Love For What It Is" (1987 RCA) will be re-released by Big Break Records on October 27, 2014! Remastered with  bonus tracks and liner notes by Christian John Wikane and will include a new interview with Anita! Available here.

ap cd


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The Pointer Sisters interview with Pavlina at Epcot!

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Night of the Proms Interview with The Pointer Sisters!

Night of the Proms comes to the US for the first time.

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